• Lazer Tag - Center


      FURY 242 - The Ultimate Laser Tag Experience 

      Welcome Cadets, to Planet Fury 242 located in the Centaurus Galaxy within the M83 collective. Deep, deep, underground, far below the desolate, barren, uninhabitable surface of the planet a classified installation has been constructed as a viable means of survival in the event of Mother Earth’s demise. Scientists have spent the past 20 years creating a life-sustaining eco-system miles below the surface that will house in upwards of 7400 inhabitants. With no immediate need for the project, the installation is being used as a military training facility. Cadets train in tactical campaigns as they would in a time of war. As of 1500 hours this lunar sunrise, we have lost all communication with the underground colony.

      Your mission, investigate the installation. Take out any hostile forces you may encounter using your X5-DR Pulse Laser Gun. You have been selected as the best of the best by ConSec 1, the Master Control Computer Network. You will participate in an intensive strategic combat program that will push your skills for survival to the limit. Your progress will be tracked and analyzed.

      Welcome Cadet, to Fury 242!


      Safety Rules and Procedures

      • Guests must be at least 42" tall to play.
      • Guests must be at least 5 years old to play.
      • Guests should be in good physical condition to play.
      • No Running. No Pushing.
      • No smoking in line or on the attraction.
      • Shirts, shorts and shoes must be worn at all times while riding.
      • Food and drinks are not permitted on this attraction.
      • Kalahari Resort is not responsible for articles that are lost, damaged or unattended.
      • Pregnant women, guests with heart conditions, respiratory problems, significant physical ailment or condition, high blood pressure or nervous disorder, neck or back problems, epilepsy, prone to seizures or asthma, and guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not ride attraction.